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Ganesha helps us remove obstacles in our busy mind and come back to the heart seeing things as they truly are. In this workshop, we will remove these obstacles and see life and self are we truly are--without judgement. We will work through these together with a sense of lightness and freedom of expression!

Saturday, July 16th

2:00-4:00 pm

$35 in Advance

$40 at the Door


About Wade:

Wade Gotwals, a well known Chicago teacher, finds inspiration in providing yoga enthusiasts of all levels with an extraordinary community environment where they can explore, expand and nurture their practices in a way that connects us all with the joy of the experience, a way that is guided by the Advaitic principles of oneness and non-separation.

Wade’s classroom atmosphere is open, inviting and energetically charged by the musical soundtracks created to compliment the class. His creativity and intuition ensure that each class is different. Each features unique Vinyasa sequencing that reflects the mindful integration of body mechanics and his love of anatomy. He weaves together a fluid, soul connecting practice, intelligently sequencing fiery and dynamic rajasic asanas along with cooling and balanced satvic asanas. Beyond the physical practice, he also infuses dharma, bhakti and meditation into class. His Vinyasa Flow classes offer many pathways to openness, depth and strength, and are structured so that everyone feels challenged and invited to share their energy.

Wade first encountered the power of yoga in the late 90’s while traveling around the world. Since then, it has become his passion to discover alternative techniques for furthering growth of mind and spirit and for healing the body. He has been teaching since 2000 and is certified in Ashtanga yoga, which still serves as the foundation of his practice and teachings. However, over time, he found that he connected more deeply with the unification of the breath and the creative unfolding of the asanas in Vinyasa Flow. He also holds certifications in Thai massage, Intuitive massage, Touch for Health, and is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher via the Yoga Alliance. Wade has studied with master teachers in Asia, India and the U.S. and is always excited to share his new discoveries with his students. Wade’s classes offer a unique fusion of styles derived from his travels and from the inspirations of great teachers like Dharma Mittra and Rusty Wells. His meditation and Advaita studies in India with Ramesh Balsekar and in the U.S with Dorje Kelsang have enhanced his intuitive nature and enriched him as a teacher. Seva is also an important part of his practice. He is a board member of Peoples Connection NGO and he organizes charitable events and classes for those in need throughout the year. Wade strives to find innovative ways to keep his students and community motivated and connected, whether it’s through teaching a class, workshop, retreat or a teacher training. The inspiration he receives from his students is what keeps his love for yoga alive.

Wade has an extensive local and international teaching schedule that includes a variety of innovative classes, workshops and retreats. Come join us and experience the community for yourself.

Register: https://www.totalbodyyoga.com/workshop.asp?event=38575