• Jai Rhythm Yoga (map)
  • 175 South Ventura Avenue
  • Ventura, CA, 93001
  • United States

Sunday July 3rd ~ 11:30am to 2:30pm

Register  http://jairhythm.com/portfolio-items/unshakable-strength/


In celebration of the 4th we will work on harnessing strength independently and together, come find your POWER!

In this workshop we will be brave warriors linking arms together and exploring the connection between the physical and mental properties of strength in a challenging but ‘FUN’ Vinyasa Flow. As we flow we will alternate between the power centers of the lower body, core and upper body.

  • Adventurous transitions in standing balancing poses that will leave you with a stronger base and rock steady balance
  • Harnessing the power of your core for both seated and inverted poses
  • New approaches to arm balances and inversions will be broken down in detail so that even the novice can fly and the experienced will still be challenged with advanced variations

Together, we’ll test our courage playfully, giving support to our neighbors as they test theirs. We’ll also create time for Independent asana work, a group discussion on battling the Ego and adding mantra for mental power and strength. Alignment, wrist care and safely using props to assist will be included in this workshop!

Often in a typical class we don’t get the attention or time to work effectively in these areas so this could be just what you need to take your practice to a new level!

Come with the willingness to laugh, sweat and fly!


Sunday, July 3rd ~ 11:30am


$40 in advance $50 day of

Register  http://jairhythm.com/portfolio-items/unshakable-strength/