INTRO TO BHAKTI YOGA |12.30-14.00 hrs |

Bhakti Yoga is considered one the easiest yogic paths to master and the most direct method to experience the unity of mind, body and spirit, without a lot physical asana, the only requirement for Bhakti Yoga is an open, loving heart. We will explore the stories of a few of the Hindu deities and the corresponding mantras. Using these mantras to practice basic the art of kirtan (“singing” devotional songs, usually practiced in a call-and response group format with musical instruments.) Also exploring the subtleties of the energetic body (chakras) and ‘feeling’ how the mantras are experienced in the body.

BRAVE HEARTS|15.00-17.00 hrs|

This mindfully sequenced Vinyasa Flow workshop is centered around heart and shoulder opening asanas. We will focus on this overused muscle group (the rotators and pectorals) increasing range of motion and helping to ease tension in the neck and shoulders…Freeing up space and celebrating some backbends!
On and energetic level we will explore how the heart (4th chakra) and throat chakra (5th chakra) connect us to love and devotion. We’ll end with a guided meditation focusing on the 6th chakra and take a blissful savasana to sacred sound opening at the crown chakra.


Brave Hearts €35
Intro to Bhakti €20
Full workshop €50