Saturday, October 21

4:30PM- 7:00PM

Nature Yoga Sanctuary

Welcome to ‘Hip-opening Flight school! Where we will find balance between strength and ease while you explore some of my favorite arm balancing and inversion variations. Many arm balances focus and require flexible hips, which ironically is a place where most of us have tightness. Don’t let this deter you we have a plan! To accomplish this version of flight we will explore isometric hip strengtheners and techniques targeting the whole circumference of the hip for full range of motion. We will also develop a true sense of our core and how its location, stability, and strength relate to our arms and hips. Arm balances and inversions are some of the most fun, exciting, and challenging poses of the yoga practice. If we prepare properly there are variations for every’body’ to experience! Get ready to fly, sweat and go deeper into your body in a way that is safe, healthy and powerful.

$35 in advance/ $40 day of