WHERE : Studio Three // Chicago, IL

REGISTER :   http://studiothree.zingfit.com/reserve/index.cfm?action=Workshop.events#events8862

Take your Yoga Practice to a whole new level when you incorporate these powerfully effective, stealth movements!

The first part of this workshop will focus on the lower body and the core. You will learn to harness the strength from your power center with poses and transitions that will challenge your balance, test your strength and give you kick ass super powers! In the second part of this journey we will be be concentrating on how the core, quads and upper body work together and play with some flight time! In a typical yoga class we don’t have the time or attention needed to effectively prepare for arm balances and inversions. In this workshop we will create the space to elevate your practice by learning the proper techniques that will help you find strength and balance needed for some serious flight time! We will test our courage playfully and give support to our neighbors as they test there’s. We’ll challenge the notions and expectations of the ego and build strength of character and unshakeable balance both on and off the mat!! Come and find your power!