Mantra + Storytelling under the stars

Join Shannon and I for a fun, laid back night of Hindu Mythology through the timeless art of story telling and chanting. The rooftop is a perfect place to savor the last days of summer and let your mind dream and wonder as you look at the sky line and ponder the beauty of life.

To reserve email either or and we will give you further details

limited space on the roof!!

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Harvest Moon Yoga Festival

The Second Annual Harvest Moon Yoga Festival offers a unique festival experience in a natural setting. A secluded farm, nestled in the Baraboo Range of Southern Wisconsin. In this setting, yogis, beginners through advanced, participate in yoga, meditation, restorative conversations, live music, and social gatherings. Allow yourself time to recharge, awaken the inner peace and self awareness that is often hidden beneath the drone of work and social obligations...CAMP. YOGA. BONFIRE. CONNECT. GREAT OUTDOORS
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My 2nd family is in Mannheim Germany and its a homecoming every time! Come see why this community has captured my heart and stay for a day or two in Mannheim!! for more info 

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So great to be returning to the charming town of Heidelberg! I love this space and the amazing yoga community here, come check out the scene for yourself and make a weekend trip out of it if you are in Europe!! For more info -

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