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mit Ann, Isa & Wade


This training has come from our joyful desire to share all the knowledge we have learned from our teachers and from our own yoga practice! We want to support you in becoming an outstanding flow vinyasa yoga teacher! Learn to teach with clarity and self (consciousness)! Have the courage and look forward to finding your own style and trusting it! Be curious to learn again and again! The best thing is to share yoga with others we find. We like to share with you!

What kind of teacher will you become? What is important to you? You will learn, to really connect with and understand yourself so that you can really be a leader. Some tools for the journey to respond sensitively to the students to integrate many levels in the class to respond to individual needs To intertwine internal topics how you reach the students as you yourself have fun with it and all within the framework of the 8 limbs of yoga- Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi flow / vinyasa (anatomy, energy) Anatomy + Alignment + Adjustments Sequencing and Flow properties Philosophy and Bhakti Teach yoga We have the "get the flow" - Teacher Training certified to the standards of the Yoga Alliance 200hr


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Chicago 2017


Teacher Training

This program is unique in its depth and variety offering teachings from the lead trainers’ years of experience in yoga study and teaching. The focus of this training is not only on becoming an authentic teacher, but to aid in becoming a better being, leader, and communicator.

This program gives real experiential insights to yoga as it applies to modern life, offering tools to feel confident in teaching yoga from the heart. Create space to find your voice and awaken authentic expression.

Our teaching faculty has extensive experience from a diversity of lineages and aims to offer the best of our knowledge with integrity and without dogma. We have crafted this special program to give you the most of what we have to offer and to allow for your exploration of the highest expression of Self. You will have the opportunity to discover and explore your teaching voice. Upon completion, you will feel able to share the knowledge passed on to you from a truly authentic place.

Topics covered include:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Anatomy + Energetic Body
  • Dharma Yoga
  • Theory
  • Partner Yoga Basics
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Alignment
  • Career Building
  • Yogic Philosophy

Additional specialized workshops from Nature Yoga Teachers are also included in your tuition.

Inspiring Yoga Teacher Training Tuscany 2018

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Level 1 Teacher Training (200 hour)

Tuscany Saturnia, Maremma

Three Treasures Yoga believe in a yoga that is rooted in its history and traditional teachings, accessible and relevant in the present, and useful to the need of each individuals growth and development. Through this interdisciplinary portal, they strive to inspire curiosity and a deep dedication to learning in students. Three Treasures Yoga teach a strong foundation of the eight limbs of Classical Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga, and offer an authentic base of knowledge from which students can investigate intelligently and creatively, the ever-changing face of yoga in a modern world. With the knowledge of three different teachers we are excited to offer 3 points of view from 3 different  backgrounds blending a diverse experience that isn't dogmatic. Check out the topics below that are part of the training

-Principles of Yogic Philosophy

-Asana Practice and Pranayama

-Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

-Anatomy and Eastern Healing Philosophies and Touch

-Alignment, Sequencing and Adjustments

-Exploring the Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit words & Buddhist Philosophies 

-Nutrition and Right living Consideration course

-Modern Interpretations of Yoga and Business of Yoga

- All classes will be taught in English

- Yoga Alliance International certified 200hr

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